Third issue of Bleeping Relics !

Sure, I could bang on about Caveman, a tabletop electronic game released by Tomy, and how it had a rad soundtrack and some terrific box art. But my Australian accent is, while occasionally loud, not exactly sexy.

Here is the new episode of BLEEPING RELICS.  Turn caption ON for ENGLISH SUBS !

Any feedback welcome.


-GameBoy Colour-
By *shazy

The Legend of Zelda- Boss Key Treasure Chests

An Artifact of Pure Evil

An Artifact of Pure Evil

Found at the flea market, I could never make it work…

These wonderful shots are courtesy of Bleeping Relics, and show the control boards of a trio of old Pong consoles. These old analog systems weren’t adjusted via menu screens or fancy UI systems.


Bleeping Relics is a fresh new web series i am launching. It is about reviewing, with philosophy, vintage electronic handheld games, such as VFD, LCD, LED tabletops and other related 70’s and 80’s devices.

I’ve decided to create a set on Flickr to keep all of my pictures i will be blogging on different social networks, grouped together for exposure and hits purpose.

Of course I have made all these pictures.